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Hi, I’m Rueben

One of the biggest challenges with the business of coaching is finding reliable and effective ways to attract or generate new clients at WILL so that you can serve as many people as you desire.

Some coaches what to build a large practice serving hundreds of clients, while others want just a handful of clients. Both face the same bottleneck, which is;

"How do you attract and generate new clients in a way that feels authentic and in line with your values without resorting to endless networking, blogging, cold-calling, begging for referrals, social media posting or just being stressed out constantly?"

That's where we come in.

We help coaches build processes that generate 4,6 and even 10 new coaching clients every single month with predictability.

We do this by using paid acquisition (Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, Twitter ads ) along with funnels & marketing automation.

We work with coaches that:
- Are tired of stressing out about where their next client will come from.
- Don't enjoy networking, cold outreach, chasing clients or constantly "hunting" for the next one.
- Have tried using paid media but couldn't just make it work profitably.
- Are looking for ways to make a more significant impact and serve more people.

If you'd like to finally gain control over your coaching business so that you know with certainty where your next clients are coming from and you can choose how many new clients you want to take on next month, let's chat.

Full Disclaimer: We can't help everyone. As a coach, you'll need to have a clear focus (niche) and fully understand the problems that you help your clients solve. You'll also need to have some existing clients that rave about your coaching.


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